A global information network, an adviser to the news industry, free safety training and more…

INSI helped pass UN Resolution 1738 on the safety of journalists in conflict

Since 2003 the International News Safety Institute has been working to help journalists covering conflict and other danger.  We’ve recently updated the main website to showcase some of our achievements. From providing safety training free of charge to thousands of journalists in hotspots around the world, to helping secure the passage of UN Resolution 1738, INSI is continuously working to ensure that journalists survive the story.

Here are some of our achievements:

  • INSI provides a global safety information network in support of all news media, with our website www.newssafety.org as its hub. It contains news, in-depth articles and timely advisories on all aspects affecting safer news coverage, from wars to bird flu. We act as an information exchange on hazardous environments.
  • INSI plays a unique role as an adviser and consultant to the news industry, coordinating sensitive information exchanges through an email forum that includes more than 60 members of major news organisations from around the globe. This forum is available on demand and can be activated during critical stories where the safety of field crews is paramount. By coordinating the exchange of time sensitive and confidential information, INSI provides an extra tool in the box of the big news organisations and a vital centre of safety advice for smaller outfits. By using INSI as a conduit, it means that competition can be set aside, confidentially can be protected and INSI can collate the information to provide the bigger safety picture for the secure network of collaborators. Participants trust INSI to extract non-sensitive safety information from the group for the benefit of everyone.
  • INSI provides safety training free of charge for hundreds of journalists in Iraq, Africa, Latin America, Asia and other hot spots in a continuing programme. We are the only journalist body doing this in a sustained way.
  • INSI helped secure the passage of UN Resolution 1738 in December 2006 on the safety of journalists in conflict. It aims to end the culture of impunity which in many countries protects the killers of journalists and encourages more of the same.

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About INSI Blog
The International News Safety Institute is a non-profit dedicated to the safety of news media in conflict and other danger.

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